Watch Lil Nas X Get Ruthlessly Pranked by Comedian Eric Andre

Watch Lil Nas X Get Ruthlessly Pranked by Comedian Eric Andre

Between whippets, comedian Eric Andre dished on the upcoming sixth season of The Eric Andre Show at SXSW -- his chaotic, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink late-night talk show wherein he gleefully terrorizes celebrity guests and regular folks alike. Who can forget the time Lauren Conrad sprinted out of his studio after Andre started lapping up his own vomit? Or rapper T.I. bolting when confronted by a plethora of full-frontal male nudity?

"I realized the hard way that the more violent a prank is doesn't mean it's necessarily better," Andre told Rolling Stone. "It's the premise of the prank that makes it funny."


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"It was great because he's very sensitive, so he was easily affected by every prank we threw at him. He's kind of the ideal guest," Andre explained. "He was very happy on the way out because he said something to us like, 'This is my Oscar. It's more important that I did this show in my life than win a Grammy or any award. This is a seminal moment in my life.' But we ruined his outfit. We dropped this ice cream -- it's not clay -- from the sky onto the desk and didn't know it was going to drench him. It was very tense."

In this exclusive clip, watch Eric Andre -- and his right-hand man, comedian Felipe Esparza -- prank the hell out of Lil Nas X: